We provide inter and intra organizational training in a variety of areas of activity where informed compliance is required: QA, environmental, energy, sustainable development, health and safety. Training is geared to understanding requirements, aims, policy and objectives of ISO standards. We also provide training in audit technique and PDCA.

Quality Systems Training

accompagnement à la certification qualite

(2 days)

ISO 9001 :2015 – Quality Management Systems – (5 days)

Environmental Training


ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems (5 days)

Sustainable Development Training


Identifier vos forces pour suivre les lignes directrices que proposent les normes 9000 afin que vos produits et services correspondent aux besoins de vos clients et que l’amélioration continue devienne le Leitmotiv de votre organisation.

Health and Safety Training


BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007 July 2007 – Occupational Health and Safety - (5 days)

We provide many other quality consulting services,
in a wide range of standards and best practices.
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